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The Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the film The Wrestler Mickey Rourke be prepared for the newest film 'Mona Lisa'.

According to the plan, the film remake of the gangster story in English in 1980 will also be played by Eva Green (Casino Royal) as the main opponent of Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler and planned to play in Iron Man 2).

Meanwhile, in the film by director Neil Jordan in 1986, and Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson is the players who will be replaced by Mickey Rourke and Eva Green in the movie Mona Lisa this remake.

Mona Lisa own driver told guards on the top level always precede the employer where he was going. But in this film, otherwise the employer would not want to be under guard.

Currently, the Mona Lisa will be starting the process in July and with a background in New York and with the Helmer services director by Larry Clark.


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