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LOS ANGELES - Director winner Martin Scorsese Oscar trophies will immediately direct the big screen film about the life of legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra is a legendary singer and actor, he never even won the Oscar in the film From Here to Eternity in 1953.

Legend melodist also been made by Philip Casnoff in the year 1992 in film in television series and also by Ray Liotta in the 1998 HBO film, The Rat Pack.

However, with the film director Scorse Sinatra is seen as the first film that depicts the legendary stars that.

Executive producer in the making of the film Frank Sinatra, Tina has announced with regard to the making of this film a day after warning the death of his father who died years ago in 1998 because of heart disease cancer.

Frank Sinatra first recorded entry in 1939, then followed with a recording-recording lainnyaa until he died. Among the popular songs that enough of them are strangers in the Night and My Way.

"My father is a man who imposing. The people who work with talented also impressed him," said Tina Sinatra.


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