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Mumbai slums in the house belonging to one of the top movie stars Oscar Slumdog Millionaire destroyed the city government.

Reports said, the police beat kid man, Ismail Mohammed Azharuddin with a bamboo stick before he was ordered out.

Authorities claimed he and his family away government property.

Azharuddin played one of the main characters in the top eight when Oscar was still young.

Families living in temporary tents made of plastic with a bamboo pole in an area near the slums in Bandra East Mumbai.

Mother child actor said he does not know what will happen to his family now.

"House destroyed our government. We were not given alternative accommodation. Previous officials say they will be given a house. But I will not think," said Ismail Shmaim the BBC.

Municipal officials Uma Shankar Mistry who attended the demolition of the house told the BBC, authorities only manage the illegal house recently built near the slums.

He said, houses that are in the area for public parks.

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