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LOS ANGELES - yet also released, no news came from the luscious cinematography Terminator salvation. The stars that are not very confident working with the director McG.

In an interview with Contactmusic, Wednesday (20/5/2009), Bale is not so sure that can work with McG. He believes the difficulty in getting this project.

"There are obstacles to start working with the McG. And he who first recognize it. He is a great person who likes to call himself McG," he said,

Bale had to confess doubt. "I feel like not only need a script in the collection of stories, but he has some great ideas," explained.

However, after the research of making the film, Bale eventually taking the role in the film. In the first Terminator movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger does not diperankan this, Bale as John O Connor, who is leading resistance against Skynet.

The plan will be released this film in English June 3


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