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Paris - Movie Stars English origin Lucy Gordon who had to appear in 'Spiderman 3' is found dead in apartments in Paris, France on Wednesday (20/5/2009). Lucy died due to hanging himself, two days before the birthday to celebrate.

As the quotation from the Times, Friday (22/5/2009), after investigation, local police spokesman said Lucy catastrophe pure suicide. "Young women are the life itself," said the spokesman.

Police had also requested information to the men's friend Lucy. Men claim that set off an alarm immediately after finding Lucy Jasad rigid on Wednesday (20/5/2009) morning.

Some of the previous day, Lucy had just attended the Cannes Film Festival to promote the film biography of French singer Serge Gainsbourg. In the film she appears as Jane Birkin, Serge wife.

Lucy Gordon is also a model who started his career in the film world through point4 children'2 'in 1992 ago. He was then involved in several popular films, such as' Serendipity ',' The Four Feathers' and 'Spiderman 3'.


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