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Michael Berg as you want to emphasize, the suffering itself, the greater love. Michael (Ralph Fiennes) is a part-old man who lived in Berlin, 1995. Lawyers successfully save the dismal story of his life. The story never told to anyone. About women who are so big secret of his life.

Michael adults see a tramway. Seconds of that, and told the woman began. Mind to say a tramway in 1958, in West Germany. When he is fifteen years old. Beginning of the meeting, Michael adolescents (David Kross) with Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), conductor tramway aged 36 years.

In front of the home row Hanna, Michael is not the power of a high fever stomach contents spill. Hanna came there to help. Cold and stiff, but she was called as the loving 'Nak'. Explain the brink age two. Runny-nosed kid that feel beholden.

After three weeks treatment, Michael came to visit Hanna. Despite the cold welcome at the beginning, their relationship continues. Hanna began to obsess. In an apartment owned by a small and simple Hanna, kid fifteen year affair with the woman involved is worth more so is his mother.

After that, Michael Hanna routine visit. Lust bring Hanna ran to the place after school. During it, Michael read books of literature in schools. Like a small child who didongengkan, Hanna drowned in the story literature. Wander in sorrow The story Odysses and The Lady with the Little Dog. Until, laughing casual heed Adventures of Finn Hucleberry and Tin-Tin comics. Be Michael, 'the reader' that satisfy Hanna.

Forbidden love of adventure that never lasts long. Hanna did not disappear after that step. Michael continue his life. Eight years later, in 1966, he became a student of law. Michael was assigned to research the Holocaust war crimes cases. Six part-old woman sat in the seat of the accused. Hanna one.

They suspect a catastrophe 300 Jewish women in a church fire events, set in 1944. Remarkably terkejutnya Michael. Bring on the fact that a complex emotional situations. Michael involved inner war. He holds a secret that can save Hanna's death. But not by the powerless. Meanwhile, the Hanna, illiteracy more than acknowledge the shameful past as a Nazi stooge.

'The Readers' lifted from the novel Berhard Schlink of Germany, 1995. The film director Stephen Daldry made show skill Kate Winslet. Winslet role is not vicious. Gesture of the body until he said. Winslet really possessed figure Hanna in 'The Reader'. But no one, if the wife of film director Sam Mendes was given the Oscar trophies as best actress at the Academy Awards in 2009, last February, thanks to these characters.


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