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Biography music maestro John Lennon will released this year-end 2009. But, Julian, even worried. the film even defile the memory of the membership of performers' Imagine 'on The Beatles.

Film titled 'nowhere Boy' played by Aaron Johnson and Kristin Scott Thomas. Been a film by director Sam Taylor-Wood told the story of boyhood Liverpool Lennon in, England.

Puppet only son Lennon, who is now aged 46 years, have a requirement for the film 'Boy nowhere'. Julian knows his father's story. Variations in 'nowhere Boy' even make it out of the film.

"This is strange. I know what I know, and I like what I know. I do not like some that I know. And, I do not want to see a version of the story that other people," said Julian. Discussion can not be separated from a paper. But, Julian, director Sam Taylor support.

"It seems, will be interesting," said Julian support Sam. Acts Lennon, Liverpool's music legends that will release 9 December 2009, coincided with a warning to the 29 catastrophe in the hands of John Lennon fan, Mark David Chapman.

Previously, the film about John Lennon is dead had been, back in 2007. Non-fiction film drama is not a former personnel narrate 'The Beatles' it, but the story of the man who killed Lennon, Mark Chapman. Film titled, The Killing of John Lennon is played by Jonas Ball as Mark Chapman.

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