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Wayne Allwine not a human being. He never looked at the tv, but the sound certainly is very thick in the ear of the fan film Mickey Mouse cartoons.

At the age to 62, Allwine died.

Allwine with falsetto voice, was 32 years old fill out the "spirit" so that a Mickey Mouse character who lives with the world. Allwine experienced complications after diabetes had been treated at the UCLA hospital.

Allwine a person who fills the third Mickey Mouse voice. First voice filled by Disney in the year 1928 alone, the first task in "Steamboat Willie". Then the responsibility of sound Mickey mouse taken over by Jimy Macdonald in 1947, and then switch to Allwine in 1977.

In addition to the display glass, Allwine also utuk fill the silver screen with the title of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" in 1983. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988), "The Prince and the Pauper" (1990). In addition, he also fills directly in the voice Mickey Disney Parks events, television, radio and stage.

"Wayne dedicated his life to all Disney, and more than 32 years he provided humor, happiness to the world with a sound that became the icons of the characters Mickey Mouse," said the Disney executive Robert Iger.

Born in the outskirts of Glendale, Los Angeles, in 1947, Allwine join with Disney in 1966. Work space in the first letters. Then became assistant sound effects experts Macdonald for seven half-years.


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