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LOS ANGELES - Director winner Martin Scorsese Oscar trophies will immediately direct the big screen film about the life of legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra is a legendary singer and actor, he never even won the Oscar in the film From Here to Eternity in 1953.

Legend melodist also been made by Philip Casnoff in the year 1992 in film in television series and also by Ray Liotta in the 1998 HBO film, The Rat Pack.

However, with the film director Scorse Sinatra is seen as the first film that depicts the legendary stars that.

Executive producer in the making of the film Frank Sinatra, Tina has announced with regard to the making of this film a day after warning the death of his father who died years ago in 1998 because of heart disease cancer.

Frank Sinatra first recorded entry in 1939, then followed with a recording-recording lainnyaa until he died. Among the popular songs that enough of them are strangers in the Night and My Way.

"My father is a man who imposing. The people who work with talented also impressed him," said Tina Sinatra.

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After awaited, finally, Lindsay Lohan have a role in the film. Lindsay will portray the film comedy.

Lindsay will portray indie comedy fantasy film titled 'The Other Side'. Lindsay is very happy because finally he can exist in a world role. He was very enthusiastic to be a role in the movie.

Role in this film to show to people when berakting himself capable. His course, for this rate the artist as Lindsay is not achievement. He appears more often as news about himself.

"Lindsay is very concerned with the perception of people about himself. He was already committed to doing what he can do to change perceptions about themselves," said David Michaels, director of movie 'The Other Side' as quoted from Hollyscoop, Friday 15 May 2009.

This film is also filled by Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morisette. Syuting film will begin in October 2009.
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LOS ANGELES - Experience is the best teacher. Perhaps that is the principle which is applied to the Vatican in the film 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angel & Demons'. Reticence of the Vatican 'Angel & Demons' thus making the film is not too attractive.

Film with director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks dibintangi a role as a symbol expert Robert Langdon is only capable meraup USD 40 million or Rp416 billion until this weekend. Meanwhile, 2006 Da Vinci Code successfully reach USD77 million.

Box Office President Paul Dergarabedian said, the film 'Angel & Demons' rather less buzz preceding film' Da Vinci Code '. "Because Da Vinci Code is fenomenal, fenomenal in the world based on the Dan Brown book," he said as quoted Reuters, Friday (15/5/2009).

Although Angel is also based on the Dan Brown book, but the Da Vinci Code Vatican successfully overcome in the story, in which rape Jesus Mary Magdalene and the church authorities tried to cover their lineage.

When, Vatican criticaster more before the film Da Vinci Code appeared three years ago. "Vatican eventually learn that when you punish a movie, then you encourage people to see," said Thomas Reese, Jesuit pastor and senior pursuivant Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

Da Vinci generate USD758 million of the world, a very special coming from outside the United States and Canada, amounting to USD541 million.

See the success, Sony Corp's Sony Pictures plans to melaunching 'Angel & Demons' at least 100 in this country on Friday.
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The Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the film The Wrestler Mickey Rourke be prepared for the newest film 'Mona Lisa'.

According to the plan, the film remake of the gangster story in English in 1980 will also be played by Eva Green (Casino Royal) as the main opponent of Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler and planned to play in Iron Man 2).

Meanwhile, in the film by director Neil Jordan in 1986, and Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson is the players who will be replaced by Mickey Rourke and Eva Green in the movie Mona Lisa this remake.

Mona Lisa own driver told guards on the top level always precede the employer where he was going. But in this film, otherwise the employer would not want to be under guard.

Currently, the Mona Lisa will be starting the process in July and with a background in New York and with the Helmer services director by Larry Clark.
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