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LOS ANGELES - Experience is the best teacher. Perhaps that is the principle which is applied to the Vatican in the film 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angel & Demons'. Reticence of the Vatican 'Angel & Demons' thus making the film is not too attractive.

Film with director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks dibintangi a role as a symbol expert Robert Langdon is only capable meraup USD 40 million or Rp416 billion until this weekend. Meanwhile, 2006 Da Vinci Code successfully reach USD77 million.

Box Office President Paul Dergarabedian said, the film 'Angel & Demons' rather less buzz preceding film' Da Vinci Code '. "Because Da Vinci Code is fenomenal, fenomenal in the world based on the Dan Brown book," he said as quoted Reuters, Friday (15/5/2009).

Although Angel is also based on the Dan Brown book, but the Da Vinci Code Vatican successfully overcome in the story, in which rape Jesus Mary Magdalene and the church authorities tried to cover their lineage.

When, Vatican criticaster more before the film Da Vinci Code appeared three years ago. "Vatican eventually learn that when you punish a movie, then you encourage people to see," said Thomas Reese, Jesuit pastor and senior pursuivant Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

Da Vinci generate USD758 million of the world, a very special coming from outside the United States and Canada, amounting to USD541 million.

See the success, Sony Corp's Sony Pictures plans to melaunching 'Angel & Demons' at least 100 in this country on Friday.


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