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Paris - Movie Stars English origin Lucy Gordon who had to appear in 'Spiderman 3' is found dead in apartments in Paris, France on Wednesday (20/5/2009). Lucy died due to hanging himself, two days before the birthday to celebrate.

As the quotation from the Times, Friday (22/5/2009), after investigation, local police spokesman said Lucy catastrophe pure suicide. "Young women are the life itself," said the spokesman.

Police had also requested information to the men's friend Lucy. Men claim that set off an alarm immediately after finding Lucy Jasad rigid on Wednesday (20/5/2009) morning.

Some of the previous day, Lucy had just attended the Cannes Film Festival to promote the film biography of French singer Serge Gainsbourg. In the film she appears as Jane Birkin, Serge wife.

Lucy Gordon is also a model who started his career in the film world through point4 children'2 'in 1992 ago. He was then involved in several popular films, such as' Serendipity ',' The Four Feathers' and 'Spiderman 3'.

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Wayne Allwine not a human being. He never looked at the tv, but the sound certainly is very thick in the ear of the fan film Mickey Mouse cartoons.

At the age to 62, Allwine died.

Allwine with falsetto voice, was 32 years old fill out the "spirit" so that a Mickey Mouse character who lives with the world. Allwine experienced complications after diabetes had been treated at the UCLA hospital.

Allwine a person who fills the third Mickey Mouse voice. First voice filled by Disney in the year 1928 alone, the first task in "Steamboat Willie". Then the responsibility of sound Mickey mouse taken over by Jimy Macdonald in 1947, and then switch to Allwine in 1977.

In addition to the display glass, Allwine also utuk fill the silver screen with the title of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" in 1983. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988), "The Prince and the Pauper" (1990). In addition, he also fills directly in the voice Mickey Disney Parks events, television, radio and stage.

"Wayne dedicated his life to all Disney, and more than 32 years he provided humor, happiness to the world with a sound that became the icons of the characters Mickey Mouse," said the Disney executive Robert Iger.

Born in the outskirts of Glendale, Los Angeles, in 1947, Allwine join with Disney in 1966. Work space in the first letters. Then became assistant sound effects experts Macdonald for seven half-years.

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LOS ANGELES - yet also released, no news came from the luscious cinematography Terminator salvation. The stars that are not very confident working with the director McG.

In an interview with Contactmusic, Wednesday (20/5/2009), Bale is not so sure that can work with McG. He believes the difficulty in getting this project.

"There are obstacles to start working with the McG. And he who first recognize it. He is a great person who likes to call himself McG," he said,

Bale had to confess doubt. "I feel like not only need a script in the collection of stories, but he has some great ideas," explained.

However, after the research of making the film, Bale eventually taking the role in the film. In the first Terminator movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger does not diperankan this, Bale as John O Connor, who is leading resistance against Skynet.

The plan will be released this film in English June 3

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Life story Marthin Luther King Jr.. will be appointed to the big screen. Steven Spielberg will be the leaders use stories of human rights defenders are considered as black people in the U.S..

King Estate, the company that holds the copyrights of books and speeches fenomenal King, 'I Have A Dream', has not previously been given permission Dr.King making biopic.

Spielberg and Stacey Snider, CEO of Dreamworks, will be aware of their ambition since long. They plan to use long-life story Dr.King to the silver screen. The King Estate also have to give approval.

"We feel honored, King Estate to provide the opportunity to use the history of this story," Spielberg said as quoted from Contactmusic, Wednesday 20 May 2009.

Hopes of big success. Moreover, this film is not only the story inspirasional Dr.King, but also, been chilled by the hand of Steven Spielberg.

Activist and nobel peace wholesaler, Marthin Luther King, were killed died in the Lorraine Motel, Memphis, Tennese, 4 April 1968, at the age of 39 years.

Spealberg already use to steady the story Dr. King. However, there is no scenario or kasting announced by DreamWorks.

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Michael Berg as you want to emphasize, the suffering itself, the greater love. Michael (Ralph Fiennes) is a part-old man who lived in Berlin, 1995. Lawyers successfully save the dismal story of his life. The story never told to anyone. About women who are so big secret of his life.

Michael adults see a tramway. Seconds of that, and told the woman began. Mind to say a tramway in 1958, in West Germany. When he is fifteen years old. Beginning of the meeting, Michael adolescents (David Kross) with Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), conductor tramway aged 36 years.

In front of the home row Hanna, Michael is not the power of a high fever stomach contents spill. Hanna came there to help. Cold and stiff, but she was called as the loving 'Nak'. Explain the brink age two. Runny-nosed kid that feel beholden.

After three weeks treatment, Michael came to visit Hanna. Despite the cold welcome at the beginning, their relationship continues. Hanna began to obsess. In an apartment owned by a small and simple Hanna, kid fifteen year affair with the woman involved is worth more so is his mother.

After that, Michael Hanna routine visit. Lust bring Hanna ran to the place after school. During it, Michael read books of literature in schools. Like a small child who didongengkan, Hanna drowned in the story literature. Wander in sorrow The story Odysses and The Lady with the Little Dog. Until, laughing casual heed Adventures of Finn Hucleberry and Tin-Tin comics. Be Michael, 'the reader' that satisfy Hanna.

Forbidden love of adventure that never lasts long. Hanna did not disappear after that step. Michael continue his life. Eight years later, in 1966, he became a student of law. Michael was assigned to research the Holocaust war crimes cases. Six part-old woman sat in the seat of the accused. Hanna one.

They suspect a catastrophe 300 Jewish women in a church fire events, set in 1944. Remarkably terkejutnya Michael. Bring on the fact that a complex emotional situations. Michael involved inner war. He holds a secret that can save Hanna's death. But not by the powerless. Meanwhile, the Hanna, illiteracy more than acknowledge the shameful past as a Nazi stooge.

'The Readers' lifted from the novel Berhard Schlink of Germany, 1995. The film director Stephen Daldry made show skill Kate Winslet. Winslet role is not vicious. Gesture of the body until he said. Winslet really possessed figure Hanna in 'The Reader'. But no one, if the wife of film director Sam Mendes was given the Oscar trophies as best actress at the Academy Awards in 2009, last February, thanks to these characters.

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Biography music maestro John Lennon will released this year-end 2009. But, Julian, even worried. the film even defile the memory of the membership of performers' Imagine 'on The Beatles.

Film titled 'nowhere Boy' played by Aaron Johnson and Kristin Scott Thomas. Been a film by director Sam Taylor-Wood told the story of boyhood Liverpool Lennon in, England.

Puppet only son Lennon, who is now aged 46 years, have a requirement for the film 'Boy nowhere'. Julian knows his father's story. Variations in 'nowhere Boy' even make it out of the film.

"This is strange. I know what I know, and I like what I know. I do not like some that I know. And, I do not want to see a version of the story that other people," said Julian. Discussion can not be separated from a paper. But, Julian, director Sam Taylor support.

"It seems, will be interesting," said Julian support Sam. Acts Lennon, Liverpool's music legends that will release 9 December 2009, coincided with a warning to the 29 catastrophe in the hands of John Lennon fan, Mark David Chapman.

Previously, the film about John Lennon is dead had been, back in 2007. Non-fiction film drama is not a former personnel narrate 'The Beatles' it, but the story of the man who killed Lennon, Mark Chapman. Film titled, The Killing of John Lennon is played by Jonas Ball as Mark Chapman.

Source : vivanews

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Movies biopik former world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson is being prepared. Initially, the search actors who will portray athletes continue to fight the controversial debate. Finally, Tyson gives blessing to Jamie Foxx.

The former heavyweight champion was agree to wear Foxx film is biopik. Apparently, Tyson interested in. Jamie akting after witnessing renowned actors as well as the comedians.

In fact, Kid Dynamite, named Tyson, that was annoyed with Foxx. That's because, the first time he saw Foxx make fun of himself in the U.S. television program, 'In Living Color'. Two big stars that are now look in the face.

Not hate and anger that is felt to Tyson. After the closer Foxx, Foxx feel Tyson is the man who best deserves a role in the film itself biopik about Tyson. Athletes native named Michael Gerard Tyson is confess, is much more mature now.

Since the first day he Foxx tree, he want to tell, how he sang funny expressions like actors.

"I find it to tell the person to him. This is only a form of admiration. I just go back, and I have some small self-problem, and inconvenience," said boxing world champion who TKO win 44 times that.

Previously, there have been about the film biography of boxing icon Muhammad Ali. Film titled 'Ali' is played by Will Smith. Been by the film director Michael Mann was told Muhammad Ali's trip in 1964 until 1974, acquiring the title of heavyweight champion, embrace Islam, Ali criticism against the Vietnam War, and the challenge to Joe Frazier.

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Mumbai slums in the house belonging to one of the top movie stars Oscar Slumdog Millionaire destroyed the city government.

Reports said, the police beat kid man, Ismail Mohammed Azharuddin with a bamboo stick before he was ordered out.

Authorities claimed he and his family away government property.

Azharuddin played one of the main characters in the top eight when Oscar was still young.

Families living in temporary tents made of plastic with a bamboo pole in an area near the slums in Bandra East Mumbai.

Mother child actor said he does not know what will happen to his family now.

"House destroyed our government. We were not given alternative accommodation. Previous officials say they will be given a house. But I will not think," said Ismail Shmaim the BBC.

Municipal officials Uma Shankar Mistry who attended the demolition of the house told the BBC, authorities only manage the illegal house recently built near the slums.

He said, houses that are in the area for public parks.

Source :rileks

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