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Movies biopik former world champion heavyweight Mike Tyson is being prepared. Initially, the search actors who will portray athletes continue to fight the controversial debate. Finally, Tyson gives blessing to Jamie Foxx.

The former heavyweight champion was agree to wear Foxx film is biopik. Apparently, Tyson interested in. Jamie akting after witnessing renowned actors as well as the comedians.

In fact, Kid Dynamite, named Tyson, that was annoyed with Foxx. That's because, the first time he saw Foxx make fun of himself in the U.S. television program, 'In Living Color'. Two big stars that are now look in the face.

Not hate and anger that is felt to Tyson. After the closer Foxx, Foxx feel Tyson is the man who best deserves a role in the film itself biopik about Tyson. Athletes native named Michael Gerard Tyson is confess, is much more mature now.

Since the first day he Foxx tree, he want to tell, how he sang funny expressions like actors.

"I find it to tell the person to him. This is only a form of admiration. I just go back, and I have some small self-problem, and inconvenience," said boxing world champion who TKO win 44 times that.

Previously, there have been about the film biography of boxing icon Muhammad Ali. Film titled 'Ali' is played by Will Smith. Been by the film director Michael Mann was told Muhammad Ali's trip in 1964 until 1974, acquiring the title of heavyweight champion, embrace Islam, Ali criticism against the Vietnam War, and the challenge to Joe Frazier.


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